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March 2012

    Smart Sleeve 802 in Zebra

    X-Long Extensions and Uni Adaptor Loops

    Flat Iron Sleeve

    Moose on the Loose
    New Products and Special Offer

    Smart Sleeve size 802

    We introduced the Smart Sleeve a while ago, and it's proving to be a popular item. So popular that we've been asked to make them for the 11" MacBook Air. So we did. The 802 is a perfect fit for your 11" MacBook Air. It will protect your laptop against dust, moisture and impact. The Comfort-Stretch binding holds your gear in the sleeve, yet stretches to allow easy removal. The Smart Sleeve is also fully reversible and is available in black, four nifty patterns and eight art prints.

    X-Long Extensions and Uni Adaptor Loops

    We decided that people must be getting taller because we've had lots of requests for X-Long system connectors. After making a few custom X-Long ones, we though it wise to just add them to our regular line-up. The X-Long Extensions are fully adjustable from 10.5" to 16", and the X-Long Uni Adaptor Loops are fully adjustable from 13" to 19". They both come in sets of two and are the same price as their regular length counterparts.

    Flat Iron Sleeve

    Us girls at OP/TECH USA decided that we needed to put all this neoprene to good use. So we developed the Flat Iron Sleeve. The heat-resistant neoprene is perfect for traveling. Never know how to pack your hot flat iron when traveling? Tired of waiting for your curling iron to cool down before packing it in your suitcase? Now you can simply slide it into a Flat Iron Sleeve. The neoprene material safely absorbs the heat to prevent burning or melting. The sleeve is lightweight and offers ideal protection against impact. It is available in black and four fun patterns.

    Special Deal for April - No Fooling!

    Myles Moose is Itching to Travel

    Myles isn't too keen on the snow we've been getting and he's dreaming of far away places. We've decided to help him out with a deal for the month of April. Buy $100 worth of OP/TECH USA gear and get a free Myles Moose! There is no promo code needed, just add him to your online shopping cart along with $100 worth of gear. Along with Myles you'll get:

    1. • A promo code for free USPS 1st-Class shipping on ten (10) OP/TECH USA website orders

    2. • Submit photos of Myles the Moose traveling around the world to enter into our weekly drawings

    3. • Each winner gets OP/TECH USA gear

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