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February 2011

    E-Z Grip Strap

    Double Sling
    Hot off the Press!

    Our new 2011 OP/TECH USA catalogs just got back from the printers and we are very excited. Frank, in our marketing department, worked very hard on the design and product photography. To check out the new catalog, download it from our website.

    This year we are introducing six new products: the Soft Pouch - Digital D-Series in size D-Shortie, a Body Cap, Converter Cap, Fast Cap with Metal Ring and two new camera straps:

    Double Sling

    The new DOUBLE SLING offers another alternative to the ever-popular DUAL HARNESS. For those photographers wanting the feel and the fast action of the UTILITY STRAP - SLING for carrying two cameras, the DOUBLE SLING is the answer. Its U-shaped neoprene pad effectively distributes and balances the weight of two cameras while absorbing the shock of the photographer's movements. It offers the popular UNI-LOOP CONNECTORS to attach to the cameras. The strap also has added flexibility in that it can be adjusted to carry only one camera if desired.

    E-Z Grip Strap

    The new E-Z GRIP STRAP has many of the same features as our popular GRIP STRAP but in a new and streamlined configuration. The E-Z GRIP STRAP is ideal for the photographer who wants the stability of a hand strap with the flexibility to get in and out of the grip quickly and easily. The metal base plate has a rubber pad to protect the camera's finish and uses a case screw to firmly attach to the tripod mount area of the camera. The Uni-Loop connector is compatible with many other OP/TECH USA strap configurations.

    Our new products are all listed on our website and everything (except the Converter Cap and Body Cap) are available for purchase. We are hoping to begin offering these two products in March. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

    Thursday is Laundry Day

    We receive many emails from our customers everyday asking us questions. Here are some questions (and our answers) that you may find helpful:

    Question: How do you clean an OP/TECH USA camera strap?

    Answer: To clean one of our neoprene straps, hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Pat dry with a towel and then let air dry completely before using or storing. Please do not throw them in the washing machine.

    Question: I have a Nikon D50 with an 18-200 zoom. Which size pouch would be the best fit?

    Answer: To find out what products would fit your specific gear, please use our Product Finder. On our homepage, near the top right, is our "Product Finder" button. Click the button and then you will be prompted to enter in your gear specifics. Click the "Find Products" button and you will be shown what products will work with your specific gear.

    Question: How does your Lifetime Warranty work?

    Answer: Every product we sell comes with a Lifetime Warranty which covers the life of the product against manufacture defects. This warranty does not cover every day wear and tear, or when your dog decides it's his new toy.

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