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August 2010

    Work Mat

    Utility Strap™ - Sling

    Dual Harness™

    Finger Cuff™ - QD

    Media Keeper™
    OP/TECH USA's Newest Products

    We have been very busy this past year developing new products for our fabulous customers. Here is a run-down of the most recent:


    The WORK MAT is a great way to protect both your gear and work surface. The soft rubberized surface grips to keep small parts in place and it resists the effects of cleaning chemicals and oils. WORK MAT's neutral gray color makes it easy to see very small items and the textured surface prevents your items from rolling away. It's anti-static too for use with delicate electronics.

    The WORK MAT comes in three sizes: Small: 16" x 24", Medium: 20" x 32" and Large: 24" x 42".


    The SLING STRAP ADAPTOR System Connector clips onto a strap pad to convert it into an over-the-shoulder sling. Two Uni-Loop connectors allow for use with two cameras, binoculars or even a pro battery pack. Note: Does not come with strap pad. The SLING STRAP ADAPTOR is able to connect to any existing pad that has quick disconnects.


    The new UTILITY STRAP™ - SLING combines the SLING STRAP ADAPTOR with the durable pad of the UTILITY STRAP™. Neoprene, internal support foam and non skid surface are bonded together to form the comfortable and durable strap pad. The UTILITY STRAP™ - SLING offers rapid access to your camera or binoculars while maintaining the security of a strap worn across the shoulder. Using OP/TECH USA's exclusive Uni-Loop connectors, your gear hangs securely at your side and will glide up and down the sling. The UTILITY STRAP™ - SLING is available in both black and nature.


    The DUAL HARNESS™ is a comfortable and versatile way to carry one or two cameras or binoculars. The unique U-shaped neoprene neck pad evenly distributes the weight of your gear while absorbing the shock of your movements. As the DUAL HARNESS™ uses your normal connector attachments, your gear remains safely in the upright position at your sides. This keeps the camera stabilized and secured within your view and grasp. By also maintaining the camera in the upright position, no stress is put on your camera, lens or shoe-mount flash units. Your cameras can be quickly and easily brought to the proper shooting position with the self-gliding connectors. As the DUAL HARNESS™ incorporates OP/TECH USA's System Connectors, your tripod mount is available to use for brackets and other adaptors.


    The FINGER CUFF™ - QD is the smallest strap yet! This unique new strap is ideal for small cameras and electronics. It attaches easily with a quick disconnect. The FINGER CUFF™ - QD is ideal for the user who wants to carry as little as possible while keeping the compact camera firmly attached to the hand. It fits snugly around any finger for a "barely there" feeling while still offering complete security against dropping. As compact cameras continue to shrink, they actually become a bit more difficult to hold and very easy to drop. The FINGER CUFF™ - QD ensures that the photographer has the perfect strap for any occasion or use.


    The MEDIA KEEPER™ is a felt-lined pouch made from top-grade leather that opens like a wallet. It features two pockets that nicely fit a CF card or an SD card in a jewel case. The hook fastener secures the contents and offers quick, easy access. The MEDIA KEEPER™ can also be threaded through the quick disconnect (QD) on your OP/TECH USA camera strap as an added safeguard. You'll never miss a shot due to a full media card with the OP/TECH USA MEDIA KEEPER™!

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