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April 2011

    Looking for Accessories for Your New Toys?

    There's no need to fear... OP/TECH USA is here! We have pouches that will fit your new electronic toys.

    iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPhone 2GSOFT POUCH - EURO PHONE size Medium
    SOFT POUCH - SNAPPEEZ size Horizontal Large
    iPad 2 and iPad 1st GenSOFT POUCH - COMPUTER SLEEVE in size 10"
    Kindle DXSOFT POUCH - COMPUTER SLEEVE in size 11.5"
    Kindle 1st Gen, 2rd Gen and 3rd GenSOFT POUCH - COMPUTER SLEEVE in size 8"
    Nook and Nook ColorSOFT POUCH - COMPUTER SLEEVE in size 8"

    I carry my phone around in a black SOFT POUCH - SNAPPEEZ in size Horizontal Large. The pouch keeps my phone from getting scratched while it bounces around in my purse all day.

    It's Spring... Though it's still Snowing in Montana

    With the arrival of spring comes spring showers; don't be caught without your RAINSLEEVES. It's compact and an extremely effective way to protect your gear in a light mist, torrential downpour or spring snowfalls. Don't miss the shot just because of a bit of rain or snow! Toss a RAINSLEEVE in your pocket or your bag and always be prepared for the unexpected!

    RAINSLEEVES come two per bag. Or, if you have a bunch of rained-on friends get the counter display box of RAINSLEEVES - it contains twenty bags.

    Another Fast-Breaking News Story


    We are now selling the new CONVERTER CAP in size 77mm.

    The custom metal ring securely holds the base of the cap to the lens or filter thus becoming an integral part of the camera. While the base of the cap stays firmly in place, the hinged spring-loaded lid is flipped open by a flick of the thumb. The custom metal ring offers additional threads on the inside to receive another filter so that shooting options remain flexible.

    We will add additional sizes in the future.

    FAST CAP with Metal Ring

    We are also now selling the newly designed FAST CAP with Metal Ring.

    It is not only loss-proof, but it's dust-proof as well thanks to the integral semi-"O" ring seal. The threads in the metal ring attach easily and securely to both new and older lenses or filters. Once the metal ring is attached to a lens or filter, the base stays in place when the hinged, spring-loaded lid is flipped open by a flick of the thumb.

    It is available in sizes: 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm and 72mm.

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