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#Lens Sleeve™ (Sidewalk)

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Quick Overview

  • Neoprene sleeve provides great protection for lenses
  • Can be combined with any size Hood Hat™ (sold separately) for a truly customized system
  • Provides quick and easy access
  • Available in several lengths
  • Made in the USA

LENS SLEEVE™ offers a unique alternative to protecting lenses. The neoprene sleeve easily slides onto the lens and has the option of being combined with any size Hood Hat™ (sold separately) to create a totally customized system. The LENS SLEEVE™ comes with a hook and loop-backed tab with a plastic connector that can be secured to the leather tab of a Hood Hat™. This simple system enables the LENS SLEEVE™ and the Hood Hat™ to be connected together for added protection. For the photographer who uses sunshades and prefers to keep them attached to the lens, the LENS SLEEVE™ and the Hood Hat™ combination is a must!

Available Sizes

  • 3": Approx. 3" Long
  • 4": Approx. 4" Long
  • 5": Approx. 5" Long
  • 6": Approx. 6" Long

# Factory Seconds - Cosmetic Defect. There are small snags in the neoprene. There is a limited amount of these products left in stock. Once the stock is sold, they will no longer be available for purchase. Product packaging may or may not be included.

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