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Ambassador Zach Heaton

Zach Heaton

“Ever since I was introduced to OP/TECH USA, I’ve been hooked. I use their straps on all my cameras and I love how versatile they are. I use the Super Pro Strap on my Mamiya 645, it’s by far the most comfortable and easy carry system I’ve ever used. This camera is a beast and you hardly know you’re wearing it. Anytime I put my gear away I throw a Snoot Boot on the lens for super protection from anything I put my bag though. These are high quality well-made neoprene straps that never slip off your shoulder, they have quick disconnects and I trust OP/TECH USA to protect my equipment.”

"I trust OP/TECH USA to protect my equipment."

Zach Heaton

Zach Heaton is a Kodak Ambassador, award winning, internationally published, full time professional film photographer and workshop facilitator. He is renowned for a smooth, vivid and extroverted style that is filled with sensuality, fantasy, and adventure. Zach is able to capture the essence of a moment, including the smallest details. Making you feel as if you were standing beside him when he captured the image. After spending several years learning from a Master of Light, he has become versed in many forms of photography including digital and exploring the depths of chemical photography. Photographing with different mediums has become second nature to him, and you will often see Zach with a film camera not far from reach. A respect for family treasures and mixing old with new, Zach has built a fully operational dark room for film development. He is self-taught in developing, scanning and printing black & white as well as color film.

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