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Ambassadors - Karen & Kennan Ward

"For 25 years now I have made my living photographing wild places and wild animals. When I was younger it was hard to imagine any pain coming from doing the things I love to do; adventure! Luckily, early on I found the OP/TECH USA camera straps. I could not even think of using anything else! I have seen imitations, but OP/TECH USA is superior in quality, and two steps ahead of the technical advances. When I see my buddies bent over and talking about chiropractors when they get home, I buy them OP/TECH USA gear for their birthday. I have a lot of good friends, and they all use the product now when I see them! Thank you OP/TECH USA, we love your products!"

" When I see my buddies bent over and talking about chiropractors when they get home, I buy them OP/TECH USA gear for their birthday."

Karen & Kennan Ward

A photographer, videographer and adventurer-naturalist Kennan Ward has written several books about wilderness and wildlife. He has dedicated his life to capturing the rare forms of nature first on film, now digitally. From an endangered rhinoceros, to a heart-melting glance from a grizzly cub, to a threatened elephant, to tribal drummers extinct within a year, to a split-second burst of illuminating lightning, Kennan continues to explore remote regions of the world to bring back messages of uncommon beauty.

In 2000 Kennan received a prestigious honor from the BBC's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. His image of Polar Bear Relaxing After Play (or "Polar Bear Line-up") was Highly Commended by the judges. The image was used on all of that year's advertising and promotion materials.

Kennan's work has been featured in many national and international magazines, including Audubon, Alaska, BBC Wildlife, National Geographic, Backpacker, GreenPeace, NG Kids, Sierra, Natural History, Outdoor Photographer, Outside, and National Wildlife. His photographs have been used by book publishers such as Scholastic, Globe-Pequot Press, Pearson, Worth Publishing, Scientific American, The Nature Company, and Chanticleer Press.

Karen Ward has a deep love of nature. Born in 1960, she was raised in California in a family of seven children. Piled into a VW bus with her parents and six siblings, and camping their way across the U.S., Karen had the opportunity to visit many of America's great National Parks and wilderness areas, and to develop a deep and life-long love and appreciation for the natural beauty of the outdoors.

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Photo from Karen & Kennan Ward

Shooting icebergs - (c) Karen & Kennan Ward
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