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Ambassador Corey Hilz

Corey Hilz

“I rely on OP/TECH's camera straps to keep me from noticing the weight of the camera hanging around my neck when I'm out photographing for hours at a time. I also appreciate the convenience of being able to quickly unclip the strap when I don't need it. When packing for a trip I turn to OP/TECH's soft wraps for protecting the gear in my checked luggage.”

Corey Hilz focuses his photography on the natural world. The diversity in nature offers boundless opportunities for fresh images. From mountains and flowers to water and wildlife, Corey approaches his subjects with an artistic eye looking for rhythm, texture and pattern. He goes beyond the documentary image to show a unique perspective using color, shape and line. He strives to share the beauty of a destination you've never seen and provide a new perspective of a place you know well.

"When packing for a trip I turn to OP/TECH's soft wraps for protecting the gear in my checked luggage."

Corey Hilz

Corey has a passion for teaching photography. He lectures, leads workshops and provides private instruction for those looking to focus their learning. In particular, Corey enjoys working with clients in the field, so they may learn to improve their images as they create them. His instruction enables photographers to improve their photographs technically and artistically. To view his schedule of workshops and lectures visit his website at

Corey is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA).

Photos from Corey Hilz

Santa Rosa Beach - (c) Corey Hilz
Mist in North Carolina - (c) Corey Hilz
Pink Flower - Multiple Exposure - (c) Corey Hilz
Spring Bloom - (c) Corey Hilz
Moss on Rock - (c) Corey Hilz
Beach at St. Michaels - (c) Corey Hilz
Sunset - (c) Corey Hilz
Water Lilies - (c) Corey Hilz
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