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Experts - Ed Heaton


Ed Heaton

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"I absolutely love my OP/TECH USA straps and have them on all of my cameras! They are rock solid when it comes to comfort and dependability. I mainly use a large bodied Nikon Pro camera with various lenses and I never worry about fatigue or my strap slipping off my shoulder when carrying my camera on those long days in the field or about town. I teach photography workshops and I always recommend the OP/TECH USA straps to my clients! Not only are the straps outstanding, the other products that OP/TECH USA produces are as well. I use an extra large snoot boot on my tripod head to protect it from bumps and scrapes, not to mention dirt, and after many years the head still looks brand new!"

Ed is a published and award-winning photographer residing in Chester County, Pennsylvania who specializes in landscape, nature and travel photography. Ed's passion for the outdoors is definitely reflected in his photography. His ability to capture light and make extraordinary images from ordinary subjects is truly a gift. Ed's combination of traditional and innovated techniques have been instrumental in his success. For over seven years, Ed has conducted his workshops, seminars, and classes on an ongoing basis.

Visit his site www.edheaton.com to see his schedule of Creative Composition Workshops.

"After all, photography is how you can allow others to see the world through your eyes!"