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Custom Strap

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  • 6 strap pad options
  • 11 connector options
  • Buy just a strap pad (with no connectors)
  • 'Design Your Own' option
  • Made in the USA
  • Available only online from OP/TECH USA

Having trouble finding the right strap for your gear? Tired of plain colors to choose from? Now you can design your own strap with our Custom Strap! Each Custom Strap is created per your requirements in our Belgrade, MT facility. Begin creating your Custom Strap by choosing the type of strap pad and connections. Then choose from our standard neoprene colors, our new neoprene patterns, or have a custom design printed on your strap. For help choosing your color options please read the Specifications tab.

Please allow at least ten business days for us to create your strap; shipping times are in addition. Since each strap is made per specific requirements, we do not accept returns of any Custom Straps. If you have any questions please email us at before placing your order.

If you are interested in creating your own design for your strap, please read the information under the Instructions tab below. You can add your own design to our downloadable Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator templates. Also if you are wanting a company name or logo printed on numerous straps please email for pricing.

Strap Pad Types   For more info click on the strap pad name

Connection Types   For more info click on the connector name

Custom Straps
Custom Straps
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Custom Strap

Strap PadDimensions W x L (in)Dimensions W x L (cm)Load*Pad Material
Fashion1.5" x 16"3,81cm x 40,64cm7 lbsNeoprene
Classic2" x 15"5,08cm x 38,1cm10 lbsNeoprene with Comfort-Stretch Binding
Super Classic2" x 15"5,08cm x 38,1cm15 lbsNeoprene with Non-Skid Surface
Envy1.5" x 14.5"3,8cm x 36,8cm10 lbsAntimicrobial Memory Foam
Pro2.5" x 15"6,35cm x 38,1cm15 lbsNeoprene with Non-Slip Grip
Utility2.5" x 16"6,35cm x 40,64cm15 lbsNeoprene with Non-Skid Surface

* The recommended load is the weight that is most comfortably carried by a particular strap. It is not the maximum load capacity of the strap.

Connection TypeWebbing Width (in)Webbing Width (cm)Adjustable Length (in)Adjustable Length (cm)
3/8" Webbing3/8"0,95cm4" - 17"10cm - 43,2cm
3/8" Webbing XL3/8"0,95cm4" - 23"10cm - 58,4cm
Adjustable3/4"1,9cm8.5" - 12"21,6cm - 30,5cm
Swivel Hook3/4"1,9cm11" - 17"27,9cm - 43,2cm
Pro Loop3/4"1,9cm10" - 13"25,4cm - 33cm
Pro Loop XL3/4"1,9cm13" - 19"33cm - 48,3cm
Uni Adaptor Loop3/4"1,9cm10.5" - 13.5"26,7cm - 34,3cm
Uni Adaptor Loop XL3/4"1,9cm13" - 19"33cm - 48,3cm
Super Pro A*3/8"0,95cm10" - 15"25,4cm - 38,1cm
Super Pro B*3/8"0,95cm10" - 15"25,4cm - 38,1cm
Sling Strap Adaptor3/4"1,9cm26.5" - 31"67,3cm - 78,7cm

* The Super Pro A and B Connectors are designed for medium format cameras with retaining lugs.

Colors/Patterns Availablity
 FashionClassicSuper ClassicEnvyProUtility
NavyYY  Y 
RoyalY  YY 
WineY   Y 
NatureY Y YY
ForestYY YY 
SteelYY  Y 
Dots YY  Y
Skulls YY  Y
Leopard YY  Y
Zebra YY  Y
Design Your Own YY  Y

Y Particular strap pad is available in the color/pattern.

  Particular strap pad is NOT available in the color/pattern.

There are no stock numbers for custom straps.

For those of you who want to create your own design for your strap, please follow these instructions. Please note that not every strap pad type has this option.

Copyright Notice
We can not print any artwork that contains registered trademarks or copyrighted images/text. For example, we can not print a strap with the 'Canon' brand name on it. If you want to use registered trademarks or copyrighted images/text you must get expressed written consent from the owner of that work.

  1. 1. Download the appropriate template from the table below.
  2. 2. Open up the template with either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and follow the instructions within it.
  3. 3. When you are finished with your design, zip the file and email it to
  4. 4. Please email us your template AFTER you have placed your order (we need your order number to be included in the email).
  5. 5. If we have any questions regarding your design we will email you.
  6. 6. If you have any questions regarding the templates please email

Strap Pad Type Adobe Photoshop file Adobe Illustrator file
Classic .psd .ai
Super Classic .psd .ai
Utility .psd .ai

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I have a problem with your website for ordering from ( I like to get a “Super Classic” strap, with a Connection Type=Pro Loop XL. There is no way on the page where I can find part numbers, or cat #, or any other way I can get the info. B&H Photo Video Digital, same problem.


Our Custom Straps do not have stock numbers, and they are only sold through our website. Our dealers and distributors do not carry them. To order a Custom Strap, click on the "Buy from OP/TECH USA" tab at the bottom of the page. Then you can select the options you want and can add it to your cart.


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