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  • Soft Pouch PDA/CAM Soft Pouch PDA/CAM
    Soft Pouch PDA/CAM
  • Locking Clip Locking Clip
    Locking Clip

#Soft Pouch™ - PDA/CAM

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Quick Overview

  • Custom neoprene designed to fit compact electronic equipment
  • Protects equipment while in use or in storage
  • Easy to attach with a unique locking clip device
  • Made in the USA

SOFT POUCH™ - PDA/CAM was designed to be a perfect fit for your personal organizer and compact camera. This quick-access case is made of soft, durable neoprene to provide protection on impact and to repel water in inclement weather. It offers a custom locking clip which quickly attaches to the waist, backpack or other areas. There’s no need to thread the clip through a belt - merely attach it and go! The clip has a strong retaining lip as well as a custom locking device which can be used to lock it securely in place. All sizes have a hook and loop front closure system. Available exclusively from the innovators at OP/TECH USA!

Approximate Sizes

  • Milli: 3”W X 4.75”H X .75”D
  • Micro: 3.375”W X 5.25”H X 1”D
  • Macro: 3.75”W X 5.75”H X 1”D

# Factory Seconds - Cosmetic Defect. The seams are slightly off-center. There is a limited amount of these products left in stock. Once the stock is sold, they will no longer be available for purchase. Product packaging may or may not be included.

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