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Tripod Leg Wraps™

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  • Fits most tripods and monopods
  • Protects tripod/monopod and cushions shoulder
  • A choice of three sizes to fit 1", 1.25" and 1.5" tripod leg diameters
  • Lightweight and very durable
  • Insulates skin from cold metal
  • Made in the USA

For those photographers or outdoor enthusiasts seeking comfort in an alternative carrying system, OP/TECH USA offers the Tripod Leg Wraps™. Each leg is individually wrapped to protect the legs against damage and to give you added comfort against shoulder fatigue. It also keeps the cold metal legs "under wraps" and away from your skin. First, apply the closed-cell foam pads to the legs. These are held firmly in place with a strip of low-tack tape which secures the wraps without leaving a sticky residue. Second, the durable Cordura® leggings are stretched snugly over the foam pads to form a seamless, comfortable fit.

The Tripod Leg Wraps™are available in 1", 1.25" and 1.5" diameter leg sizes. The 17" length can be customized to fit the user's tripod by merely cutting the foam pads with a serrated knife (Do not cut the Cordura® leggings). Finally, you can toss your tripod over your shoulder in comfort!

To find the right size Tripod Leg Wraps™ for your tripod please download the Tripod Leg Wraps™ Reference Chart.

Tripod Leg Wraps
Tripod Leg Wraps™
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Tripod Straps/Wraps
Tripod Straps/Wraps

Tripod Leg Wraps™

A choice of three sizes to fit 1", 1.25" and 1.5" (2,5cm, 3,2cm, 3,8cm) tripod leg diameters. To find the right size Tripod Leg Wraps™ for your tripod please download the Tripod Leg Wraps™ Reference Chart.

  • Materials: Closed-cell foam pads and Cordura® leggings
  • Three diameter sizes: 1", 1.25" and 1.5" (2,5cm, 3,2cm and 3,8cm)
  • Length of 17" (43,2cm)
  • All sizes include three leg wraps
  • Made in the USA
Stock NumberStyleApproximate SizeColor
6601332Tripod Leg Wraps™ - 1"1" (2,5cm) Diameter leg sizeBlack
6601312Tripod Leg Wraps™ - 1.25"1.25" (3,2cm) Diameter leg sizeBlack
6601322Tripod Leg Wraps™ - 1.5"1.5" (3,8cm) Diameter leg sizeBlack
Please download and print Instruction Sheet for the Tripod Leg Wraps™.

Tripod Leg Wrap Instruction Sheet

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1. Do your leg wraps come in camo? Or just Black leggings. 2. Are these wraps and leggings slit for installation or do they require tripod disassembly for installation?


The Tripod Leg Wraps only come in black. You do not need to disassemble your tripod to install the Tripod Leg Wraps. If you go to the product page, click on the "Instructions" tab, and download the Instruction Sheet, you can see how they are installed.


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