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Double Sling™

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MSRP $49.95

  • Slings two cameras comfortably and securely
  • Unique neoprene pad design evenly disperses the weight and
    - -balances the gear at one's sides
  • Easy to attach and fully adjustable
  • Interchangeable design enables the user to convert from a dual to a single sling system or to quickly move a camera to another OP/TECH USA strap
  • Made in the USA

The Double Sling™ from OP/TECH USA offers the same feel and fast action of the Utility Strap™ - Sling. . . times two! Its U-shaped neoprene pad effectively distributes and balances the weight of two cameras while absorbing the shock of the photographer’s movements. The cameras glide up and down the strap with unparalleled ease and speed so photographers not only stay comfortable, they'll never miss a shot due to a tangled strap.

Using OP/TECH USA's exclusive Uni-Loop Connectors™ (included with harness) to attach the cameras, the tripod socket remains available. The strap also has added flexibility in that it can be adjusted to carry only one camera if desired. By simply adjusting one of the slings snugly under the arm, the U-shaped pad remains stable on the shoulders.

The Sling Strap Adaptor System Connector™ used on the Double Sling™ can be removed from the U-shaped pad and added to any other OP/TECH USA standard strap pad to create an over-the-shoulder sling strap. This interchangeable design gives the photographer flexibility to customize their gear to fit their ever-changing needs. Comfort, security and flexibility sum up the features of the Double Sling™. Give it a try!

Double Sling

Double Sling
Double Sling™
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Double Sling
Multi_Camera Straps
Multi_Camera Straps
In The Loop
Uni-Loop Stabilzation

Double Sling™

 Double Sling™
Recommended LoadUp to 15 lbs per side (6.8kg)
Carry StyleHarness and Sling
# of Connection Pointsup to four
Connection TypeUni-Loop Connectors™
Strap LengthFully adjustable 23" - 36" (58,4cm - 91,4cm)
Pad DimensionsU-shaped Neoprene pad 24" in length (60,9cm)
Quick DisconnectsYes
MaterialsNeoprene pad, nylon webbing and leather tabs
Webbing Width1"
Made in the USAYes

The recommended load is the weight that is most comfortably carried by a particular strap. It is not the maximum load capacity of the strap.

One Uni-Loop Connector™ is sufficient for supporting a camera. It has a static weight support of up to 146 pounds.

Stock NumberStyleApproximate SizeColor
6501082Double Sling™One size fits mostBlack

Please watch the product video for complete instructions on how to use the Double Sling™.

How to Attach a Double Sling™ to your Camera

UNI-LOOP System Connector

1. Thread male Uni-Loop Connector™ through connection point on right side of camera.2. Thread quick disconnect through opening of Uni-Loop™.3. Pull quick disconnect to tighten knot.

4. Attach the Uni-Loop Connector™ to the corresponding quick disconnect on the sling. The second Uni-Loop Connector™ is only used on cameras with a second connection area located on the right side (not top) or on a Pro Battery Grip. Most cameras will only use one connection.

5. The triglide on the back adjusts the sling to the appropriate length. The second triglide can be positioned to act as a stop to prevent your camera from sliding too far back on the sling.

One Uni-Loop Connector™ is sufficient for supporting a camera. It has a static weight support of up to 146 pounds.

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Can the Double Sling be converted into the Dual Harness or visa versa. I don't see much difference between the two except for the front strap.


There are several difference between the Double Sling and the Dual Harness.
1. The Double Sling uses two Sling Strap Adaptors for connecting two cameras. The Dual Harness uses four 3/8" webbing connectors to connect the two cameras.
2. The cameras on the Double Sling can then slide up and down the webbing on the Uni-Loops. The cameras on the Dual Harness do not slide.
3. The Double Sling generally uses one connection point on the camera, while the Dual Harness uses two.
4. The Dual Harness comes in two sizes, while the Double Sling only comes in one.
You can unclip the Sling Strap Adaptors from the Double Sling, and replace them with another connection type (3/8" Webbing, Pro Loop Connectors, etc) if you wish.


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