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  • Converter Cap™ Converter Cap™
    Converter Cap™


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Converter Cap™

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Quick Overview

MSRP $19.95

  • Protects lenses from dust, moisture and impact
  • Easy to attach
  • Metal ring offers additional threads to receive a filter
  • Available in size 77mm
  • Made in the USA

The very latest in lens cap technology, OP/TECH USA’s Converter Cap™ offers photographers a stay-on lens cap while still allowing filters to be quickly added and removed. The Converter Cap™ lens cover is watertight and dust-proof thanks to the “O"-ring seal. The custom metal ring securely holds the base of the cap to the lens or filter thus becoming an integral part of the camera. While the base of the cap stays firmly in place, the hinged spring-loaded lid is flipped open by a flick of the thumb. The custom metal ring offers additional threads on the inside to receive another filter so that shooting options remain flexible. In addition to offering ideal protection for the lens or filter, the overlap design of the Converter Cap™ functions as a protective guard against impact for the rim of the lens as well. For protection and convenience in a lens cover, the Converter Cap™ is the solution.

We offer the Converter Cap™ in size 77mm. For a different style of flip-open lens protection, check out the Fast Cap™ with Metal Ring. Available in 49mm WA, 52mm WA, 55mm WA, 58mm WA, 62mm WA, 67mm WA and 72mm normal.

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