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System Connectors

This product is made in the USA
Made in USA

Super Pro Connectors™

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MSRP $10.95

  • A choice of two designs fits most medium format and 35mm cameras with retaining lugs
  • Adjustable in length from 10" to 15"
  • The quick disconnects can be clipped together to create a small carrying handle
  • Sold in sets of two
  • Made in the USA

With the OP/TECH USA System Connectors, the camera/binocular owner has several connection options. You can buy an extra set of connectors to customize the strap to best suit your needs. Straps can be lengthened to be worn across the chest or shortened to be worn at chest level. Another feature of the System Connectors is the small carrying handle created when the quick disconnects are latched together.

The Super Pro System Connector™ fits most medium-format and 35mm cameras with connection lugs. It incorporates a stainless steel clip with unique locking slide to create a secure attachment. It's available in sets of two. The Super Pro System Connector™ is available in Version A and Version B. Please refer to the chart shown in the Specifications tab to choose your Super Pro™.

Available Colors


Super Pro A and B
Super Pro™ - A and B
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Product Video

Super Pro
Super Pro™

Super Pro Connectors™

  • Fully adjustable in length from 10" to 15" (25,4cm - 38,1cm)
  • Sold in sets of two
  • Materials: Nylon webbing, leather tabs and metal clips
  • Quick disconnects: Yes
  • Made in the USA

CamerasSuper Pro™ - ASuper Pro™ - B
Bronica (ETR and some ETRC)X 
Canon EOS M (Must use supplied locks)X 
Mamiya (except M645 Super and M645 Pro) X
Olympus IS1 and IS2 X
Pentax 6X7 X
Pentax 645 X
Pentax LXX 
Rollei X
These are registered trademarks of companies other than OP/TECH USA.
This is only a partial list of the cameras which can use the Super Pro™- A and Super Pro™ - B Connectors

Stock NumberStyleApproximate SizeColor
1301022Super Pro™ - A10" to 15" each side (25,4cm - 38,1cm)Black
1301292Super Pro™ - B10" to 15" each side (25,4cm - 38,1cm)Black

Watch the Super Pro™ A and B video

How to connect the Super Pro System Connector™ to your camera

Super Pro Instructions

1. Insert the camera lug through the large hole in the clip which will force the spring clip upward.2. Slide the clip back which will lock the camera lug in place. The spring clip should close behind the camera lug.3. Move the retaining slide towards the clip.4. Lock the retaining slide firmly in place behind the spring clip so that both pieces become one unit.

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