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Soft Pouch™ - Bino Wrap

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MSRP $17.95

  • Perfect for field use
  • Self-contained pouch remains with binoculars
  • Slim enough to wear under a coat
  • Works in tandem with a strap
  • One size fits many different binocular sizes
  • Made in the USA

OP/TECH USA's easy-access solution for the outdoor enthusiast! The Soft Pouch™ - Bino Wrap is great protection for binoculars while in use or in storage. It is extremely handy for use in the field as there is no need to fumble with a separate case - simply unsnap the closure and refasten it above the binoculars. A heavy-duty elastic band secures the Soft Pouch™ - Bino Wrap to the binoculars. Its slim design allows it to be worn with a neck strap and can even be worn underneath a coat! The Soft Pouch™ - Bino Wrap fits many different roof-style binoculars as it uses a combination of three separate snap configurations and the stretch of the neoprene. Enthusiasts will spend more time looking through the binoculars than fussing with the case. The Soft Pouch™ - Bino Wrap is only from OP/TECH USA!

Dimensions: Width: 4" - 5.5" Length: 5" - 7.5"

Soft Pouch - Bino Wrap in black
Soft Pouch™ - Bino Wrap in black
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Soft Pouch™ - Bino Wrap

  • Dimensions: Width: 4" - 5.5" Length: 5" - 7.5" (10,2cm - 14cm x 12,7cm - 19cm)
  • Materials: Neoprene pouch, elastic band and plastic snaps
  • Made in the USA
Stock NumberStyleApproximate SizeColor
6001112Soft Pouch™ - Bino Wrap: Roof SmallWidth: 4" - 5.5" Length: 5" - 7.5" (10,2cm - 14cm x 12,7cm - 19cm)Black
6010112Soft Pouch™ - Bino Wrap: Roof SmallWidth: 4" - 5.5" Length: 5" - 7.5" (10,2cm - 14cm x 12,7cm - 19cm)Nature
The Soft Pouch™ - Bino Wrap fits many different roof-style binoculars. Slide binoculars through elastic strap and fasten snap closures in either open (viewing) or closed (non-viewing) positions.

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