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Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve

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Standard-stock pricing:

8" MSRP $17.95
10" MSRP $22.95
13" MSRP $27.95
17" MSRP $32.95
9" MSRP $19.95
11.5" MSRP $25.95
15" MSRP $29.95

  • Protects valuable electronics against dust, impact and moisture
  • Slim design fits easily in briefcase
  • Neoprene pouch has full flap cover
  • Leather tab with hook and loop closure ensures quick and easy access
  • Made in the USA

Protect expensive computer gear, portable DVD players, external hard drives and other valuables with the OP/TECH USA Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve. Soft, durable neoprene sleeve protects a laptop computer against dust, moisture and impact. It will also stretch to fit cables and power supplies. The slim design fits easily in a briefcase, book bag or messenger bag. The flap secures with a hook and loop closure so there's no fumbling with zippers that can break or malfunction. The generous interior will also accommodate a slim notebook or tablet. Available in seven sizes to fit today's most popular computers and electronics. Choose from our new neoprene patterns, an art print or have a custom design printed on your pouch.

All neoprene patterns, art prints and custom designs are considered a Custom Pouch. Please allow at least ten business days for us to create your Custom Pouch; shipping times are in addition. Since each pouch is made per specific requirements, we do not accept returns of any Custom Pouch. If you have any questions please email us at before placing your order. If you are interested in creating your own design for your pouch, please read the information under the Instructions tab below. You can add your own design to our downloadable Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator templates. Also if you are wanting a company name or logo printed on numerous pouches please email for pricing.

Please refer to the Specifications tab for an electronics fit list.

Available Sizes:

  • 8": 8.25" x 5.5" Flat
  • 9": 9.25" x 7" Flat
  • 10": 10.25" x 8" Flat
  • 11.5": 11.75" x 9" Flat
  • 13": 13.25" x 10" Flat
  • 15": 15.5" x 12" Flat
  • 17": 17" x 12.75" Flat

The dimensions listed are for the pouch when flat (length and width). When considering the depth of the item being placed in the pouch, it may be necessary to go to a larger size to accommodate for the depth of the item. As the neoprene stretches, this is an approximation. It may also be helpful to check our Product Finder.

Soft Pouch - Computer Sleeve
Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve
Standard-stock Computer Sleeves   mouse over the squares

Custom Computer Sleeves   mouse over the squares

Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve

Sizes and Electronic Fit List

8.25" x 5.5" (21cm x 14cm) FlatComputer Sleeve 8"

Kindle (not in a hard case)

9.25" x 7" (23,5cm x 17,8cm) FlatComputer Sleeve 9"

Kindle (in a hard case)

10.25" x 8" (26cm x 20,3cm) FlatComputer Sleeve 10"

iPad (not in Smart Cover)

iPad 2 (in Smart Cover)

Kindle DX (not in a hard case)

11.75" x 9" (29,8cm x 22,9cm) FlatComputer Sleeve 11.5"

iPad (in Smart Cover)

most netbooks

13.25" x 10" (33,7cm x 25,4cm) FlatComputer Sleeve 13"

most 13" laptops

15.5" x 12" (39,4cm x 30,5cm) FlatComputer Sleeve 15"

most 15" laptops

17" x 12.75" (43,2cm x 32,4cm) FlatComputer Sleeve 17"

most 17" laptops

Patterns/Prints Availablity
 Computer Sleeve
Colored Forms II - MackeYYYYY  
Abstract with Cattle by MarcYYYYY  
Waterlilies by MonetYYYYY  
Design Your OwnYYYYY  

Y Particular size is available in the pattern/print.

  Particular size is NOT available in the pattern/print.

Stock NumberStyleApproximate SizeColors
4901082Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve: 8"8.25" x 5.5" (21cm x 14cm) FlatBlack
4911082Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve: 8"8.25" x 5.5" (21cm x 14cm) FlatSteel
4901092Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve: 9"9.25" x 7" (23,5cm x 17,8cm) FlatBlack
4911092Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve: 9"9.25" x 7" (23,5cm x 17,8cm) FlatSteel
4901102Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve: 10"10.25" x 8" (26cm x 20,3cm) FlatBlack
4911102Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve: 10"10.25" x 8" (26cm x 20,3cm) FlatSteel
4901112Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve: 11.5"11.75" x 9" (29,8cm x 22,9cm) FlatBlack
4911112Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve: 11.5"11.75" x 9" (29,8cm x 22,9cm) FlatSteel
4901132Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve: 13"13.25" x 10" (33,7cm x 25,4cm) FlatBlack
4911132Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve: 13"13.25" x 10" (33,7cm x 25,4cm) FlatSteel
4901152Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve: 15"15.5" x 12" (39,4cm x 30,5cm) FlatBlack
4911152Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve: 15"15.5" x 12" (39,4cm x 30,5cm) FlatSteel
4901172Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve: 17"17" x 12.75" (43,2cm x 32,4cm) FlatBlack
4911172Soft Pouch™ - Computer Sleeve: 17"17" x 12.75" (43,2cm x 32,4cm) FlatSteel

All neoprene patterns, art prints and custom designs are considered Custom Pouches, and do not have stock numbers.

For those of you who want to create your own design for your pouch, please follow these instructions. Please note that not every pouch size has this option.

Copyright Notice
We can not print any artwork that contains registered trademarks or copyrighted images/text. For example, we can not print a pouch with the 'Canon' brand name on it. If you want to use registered trademarks or copyrighted images/text you must get expressed written consent from the owner of that work.

  1. 1. Download the appropriate template from the table below.
  2. 2. Open up the template with either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and follow the instructions within it.
  3. 3. When you are finished with your design, zip the file and email it to
  4. 4. Please email us your template AFTER you have placed your order (we need your order number to be included in the email).
  5. 5. If we have any questions regarding your design we will email you.
  6. 6. If you have any questions regarding the templates please email

Pouch Type and Size Adobe Photoshop file Adobe Illustrator file
Computer Sleeve 8" .psd .ai
Computer Sleeve 9" .psd .ai
Computer Sleeve 10" .psd .ai
Computer Sleeve 11.5" .psd .ai
Computer Sleeve 13" .psd .ai

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