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This product is made in the USA
Made in USA

Gotcha Wrist Strap™

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MSRP $9.95

  • Easily attaches to most video cameras, binoculars and cameras
  • Secures comfortably around the wrist
  • Fully adjustable wrist size of 7" to 9.5" while the webbing adjusts from 8" to 10"
  • Lightweight, strong and durable
  • Washable
  • Made in the USA

Gotcha Wrist Strap™ is a safe bet. Made with a soft, durable neoprene pad, it wraps snugly and comfortably around the wrist and attaches easily to a camera, binoculars or video camera. The hook and loop fastener forms a secure, yet adjustable closure. The quick disconnect enables you to quickly remove the strap when changing film, media cards and batteries. The Uni-Loop Connector™ (included with strap) allows you to quickly switch from the Gotcha Wrist Strap™ to another OP/TECH USA strap. The Gotcha Wrist Strap™ gives you a second chance should your camera slip out of your hand. OP/TECH USA has "gotcha" covered with the Gotcha Wrist Strap™.

Gotcha Wrist Strap™ in Royal
Gotcha Wrist Strap™ in Royal
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Gotcha Wrist Strap™

 Gotcha Wrist Strap™
Carry StyleWrist
# of Connection PointsOne
Connection TypeUni-Loop™
Quick DisconnectsYes
Wrist Sizefully adjustable of 7" - 9.5" (17,8cm - 24,1cm)
Webbing Lengthfully adjustable of 8" - 10" (20,3cm - 25,4cm)
Recommended Load10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Webbing Width3/4"
MaterialsNeoprene pad and nylon webbing
Made in the USAYes

The recommended load is the weight that is most comfortably carried by a particular strap. It is not the maximum load capacity of the strap.

Stock NumberStyleApproximate SizeColors
6701252Gotcha Wrist Strap™Wrist size 7" - 9.5" (17,8cm - 24,1cm) Webbing 8" - 10" (20,3cm - 25,4cm)Black
6704252Gotcha Wrist Strap™Wrist size 7" - 9.5" (17,8cm - 24,1cm) Webbing 8" - 10" (20,3cm - 25,4cm)Royal
How to Attach the Gotcha Wrist Strap™ to your Camera

Uni Loop attachment

1. Thread Uni Loop™ through connection point on camera.2. Thread quick disconnect through opening of Uni Loop™.3. Pull quick disconnect to tighten knot.

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