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Moose on the Loose

The travels of Myles Moose. Click on a destination (red circle) to see his travel photos. Purchase a Moose to participate in the "Moose on the Loose" and take your own Myles Moose photos.

Bozeman, Montana New York, NY Disneyland, California
  • Bozeman, Montana

  • Myles the Moose in Belgrade Montana
  • Myles Moose hasn't left Belgrade, Montana yet.
  • But his suitcase is packed and he's ready to go!
  • New York, NY

  • Myles the Moose in New York
  • Myles Moose is in New York, NY.
  • He decided to check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Disneyland, California

  • Myles the Moose in Disneyland
  • Myles Moose is in Disneyland, California.
  • He wanted to hang out with Mickey.