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Media - Online Mentions & Blogs OP/TECH USA product shout-out

A general review of our straps and Uni-Loop System Connectors. OP/TECH USA SLR Wrist Strap Review

A review of our SLR Wrist Strap on

Leslie is interviewed at Photokina by Fengniao

Fengniao Interview

ePHOTOzine. OP/TECH USA Rainsleeve Review

A review of our Rainsleeve on a British site.

YouTube video by Jack The Hat Photo. OP/TECH USA Pro Straps Explained

A brief explanation of our Pro Strap™. Fabulous accent!

Ultimate Photo Guide. Protect Your Equipment with OP/TECH Products

Recommends our Lens Mount Cap, Hood Hat™, Pro Strap™, Utility Strap™ - Sling, Snoot Boot™, Battery Holster, Soft Pouch™ - Digital D-Series and Rainsleeve™.

Outdoor Photographer. Gadget Bag: Preventive Medicine, Protect your camera from rain and snow

Our Rainsleeve™ is recommended for shooting in less than ideal conditions.

YNet. Sling Strap Review

A review of our Utility Strap™ - Sling at 2:00. And yes, it's in Hebrew.

Pentacon Six. The Pentacon Six System by TRA: Straps for the Pentacon Six

Recommends the 3/8” Webbing Connectors to connect to the bottom-half of the camera case. Also recommends the Dual Harness™.

Pentacon Six. The Pentacon Six System by TRA: Strap connectors for the Pentacon Six

Does not recommend the Super Pro B connector for the Pentacon Six because it rests on the shutter release.

fotography life. The day the D90′s went for a swim

Very entertaining story! Recommends the Rainsleeve™ when shooting near water.

Zoom Street. California, Gear I Come

Recommends the Rainsleeve™.

Dogberry Patch. OP/TECH Utility Strap - Sling

A 6' tall guy likes using our Utility Strap™ - Sling. A blog with an interesting collection of topics including photography, beer and cross-country running.